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Good Books

Suggested reading for Christians seeking a better understanding of their faith, and Reformed theology.
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What Is Reformed Theology?
Understanding the Basics - Paperback

What Is Reformed Theology? is an accessible introduction to beliefs that have been immensely influential in the evangelical church. In this insightful book, R. C. Sproul walks readers through the foundations of the Reformed doctrine and explains how the Reformed belief is centered on God, based on God's Word, and committed to faith in Jesus Christ. Sproul explains the five points of Reformed theology and makes plain the reality of God's amazing grace.

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The Treasury of David
(3 Volumes Set) Hardcover

Charles Haddon Spurgeon, the "Prince of Preachers," composed and polished The Treasury of David over the span of nearly half his ministry. This incomparable commentary and omnibus on the Psalms have been prized by Christians ever since. Spurgeon's own commentary on every verse of the Psalms is extremely insightful, and by itself it would have been rich enough for posterity. 

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The Westminster Assembly
and Its Work - Paperback

The Westminster Assembly of Divines was a council of theologians and members of the English Parliament appointed to restructure the Church of England. It was formed in 1643 during the lead up to the First English Civil War by the Long Parliament. This is a concise history, written by Benjamin Warfield, of The Assembly's work between the years 1643 up until sometime about 1660. From its efforts were produced a new Form of Church Government, a Confession of Faith or statement of belief, two catechisms or manuals for religious instruction (Shorter and Larger), and a liturgical manual for the Churches of England and Scotland.

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