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Young @ Heart

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This group consists of people 55 and older. They meet every first Tuesday of the month. It is this group’s desire to be better equipped with the Word of God to be ready to give an answer of the hope that lives in them (1 Peter 3:15) whether it is to be a better grandparent, family members or friend. We use the time to learn from God’s Word, to fellowship, to pray together, and would choose a project to serve others. 


ruth circle

One of Grace Presbyterian’s longest-running women’s ministries is Ruth Circle. Begun in the 1980’s, and originally held in ladies’ homes once a month for the purpose of Bible study and fellowship, the group still continues to meet at the church with the same heart of devotion to the Lord by drawing near to Him in study and song, enjoying fellowship and ministry with like-minded ladies.


Each year brings a new focus to keep it fresh – from studying the names of God, to what it means to pray. Ruth Circle ladies have a special desire to see God’s Kingdom advanced and to wrap their arms around one another and those in need by prayer, giving, correspondence, and lending a helping hand.


Ruth Circle meets on the third Tuesday of each month between September and May, at 10 AM in the Conference Room and/or Fellowship Hall. Twice a year – December and May – the meeting includes a luncheon with the church and school staff, as well as a visit and songs by a class of Graceway Academy children. 

reformation day celebration

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Re-set meals

Wednesdays at 5:15 pm at Fellowship Hall. Good food, good fellowship.

Suspended until the beginning of the Fall season.

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